Now, you may have heard of “writer’s block,” but have you ever heard of “photographer’s block?” In this post, we’re going to be looking into some of the ways to ‘beat the block.’

  1. Animals:    If you have an animal, such as a dog or cat, just follow them around and take pictures of them. More often than not, they’ll be blurry, but if you see a point where they are completely still, grab your camera and snap away!
  2. Take a walk:    I like to take walks in my local park and just take pictures of the flora and fauna that looks interesting. If you have a telephoto lens, try and get closeups of leaves on trees, or birds on branches. When using a wide angle lens, wait until dawn/dusk before taking pictures with it. You can get beautiful pictures of the sunrise or sunset along with the landscape. If you have one, use a polarizing filter. They’re basically sunglasses for your camera, reducing the glare from the sun on your pictures.


That’s all of the methods I can think of at the moment. If you think of any others, just leave them in the comments!