When taking pictures, there’s one extremely important element you have to remember: focus. Learning to manually focus a camera is very simple, especially if you have a viewfinder on your camera. Auto focus might be easier and faster at times, but if you are trying to focus your camera on a very slim object, the auto focus function might not work as well.

If you can learn how to focus your camera manually, you can take some really neat pictures. Some newer photographic pieces have a close-up of something, but focusing on an object on the background, rather than the conventional way of focusing on the foreground image and blurring the background. You could even try focusing on the middle-ground, if it’s possible. The picture above is an example of the middle-ground. It throws the foreground and background out of focus, bringing the viewer’s attention to the middle of the object.

You have to be wary of using middle-ground focus, though. In most photography like this, there is something different about the middle-ground that isn’t in the fore- and background. In the picture above, the statues in the fore- and background are the same, while the one in the middle is different, which makes middle-ground focus much easier to use. It is also used when taking pictures of a living object, who is far enough away from the camera to not be included in the foreground, but close enough to not be included in the background. This shows a feeling of empowerment over the subject’s surroundings by having everything else besides the subject out of focus.